Wind Weather Storms

The high tides, wind and rain of the past winter months inspired me to produce my most recent paintings. 'Winter Storms' are charged with the turbulent and changing patterns of light and energy in the natural world.









The inspiration for my paintings derives from a series of voyages made along the west coast of Norway. Working in my sketchbook, I recorded the impact on my senses of the power and beauty of that remote maritime landscape, and the sometimes turbulent activity of weather and waves around it. 




On my return to the studio, my imagination, empowered by memory and strong feeling, took flight from the sketches captured at sea. By increasing their scale and developing their texture, images emerged which are true both to the kinetic energy of that northerly seascape and to an inward vision of light and darkness, motion and stillness, even sound and silence. The effect is such that one does not merely look at these paintings: one voyages through them, made vividly alert to the changes and collisions of light and weather, land and sea. 
A first impression of these canvases may be of non-representative abstraction, but closer attention reveals my deeply felt responsiveness to the rhythms of the natural environment. Art and nature, the human imagination and the living spirit of place, are energetically at work together here. 

Thank you Lindsay Clarke for your insightful response to my paintings.